The 11 Best Hypoallergenic Mattresses for People with Allergies

Got allergies? We understand. It can be rough when you need to get some sleep and they start acting up - especially when you get a new mattress that isn't hypoallergenic! But we've gone in for the best in class of today's new hypoallergenic mattresses for you, and some are pretty impressive. Come check 'em out!

Got allergies? We understand. Allergies can truly make life difficult, especially when you try to sleep on a new mattress that isn’t hypoallergenic. But take heart! We’ve gone in for the best in class in today’s modern mattresses to find what’s good for the allergic among us and what’s not. Check out our results:

Tomorrow Sleep

Compatible with most mattress bases, Tomorrow Sleep offers two main types of mattress: their Hybrid and their Memory Foam

They also sell adjustable beds, sheet sets, curtains, comforters, mattress protectors, plush and/or memory foam pillows, and more.

Are Tomorrow Sleep mattresses hypoallergenic? 

They aren’t described specifically as 'hypoallergenic,' but they should be as non-toxic ingredients are used throughout the manufacturing process. To be specific, all Tomorrow Sleep mattresses are latex-free and independently CertiPUR certified to be “made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.” Details can be read here.

Additionally, Tomorrow Sleep’s FAQ explains that their mattresses’ dense memory foam layers “make living conditions unfavorable to dust mites and bedbugs” — which is most certainly a bonus!

Here are some other fun stats about Tomorrow Sleep:

Price: Hybrids start at $545 and Memory Foams start at $445.

Delivery options: Yes, your mattress will be delivered to your doorstep with free shipping within 2-3 days. White Glove service is available starting at $75 and old mattress removal starts at $49, with pricing varying based upon location. Details here.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes - there’s a 365-day in-home trial period, after which you can receive a full refund if you decide you don’t like your mattress.

Refund policy? Warranty? Most Tomorrow Sleep products are refundable within 100 days while mattresses get a whole year. If you need to return a mattress and don’t have the original box, call the Tomorrow Sleep ‘Dream Team’ and they’ll have it picked up. Details here. And all Tomorrow Sleep mattresses come with a 10-Year Serta Simmons Warranty.

Any cool extras? Tomorrow Sleep offers a Sleep Tracker for an additional $89-99 that analyzes your sleep patterns, breathing, heart rate, and more for either one or two people.


  • A great value for the price
  • You can choose from 3 levels of firmness on each mattress
  • The Hybrids are great for alleviating back pain and arthritis joint pain
  • Customer service is prompt and helpful
  • Mattresses “sleep cool” and there’s no motion transfer
  • Very little odor upon unboxing


  • Some found the ‘firm’ beds to be a bit too firm
  • Some areas don’t have the option for White Glove setup or to remove mattresses (this is generally based upon your home’s proximity to a metropolitan area)

Bottom Line:

Tomorrow Sleep mattresses carry a 4.8 out of 5 star rating. Give your mattress a few days to “break in” before you make your verdict on whether you like it. You’ll be wise to decide at the time of your order whether you’ll need White Glove setup - it can’t be added after delivery is complete.

Brentwood Home

When you’re ready to sleep on a little “affordable luxury,” check out Brentwood Home mattresses.

Made in Los Angeles, the Brentwood Home Collection features 5 main mattress varieties, plus kids’ and crib mattresses, other types of bedding and pillows, as well as pet beds.

The Oceano mattress comes with a Tencel knit cover, a hand-tufted Euro-top, and CertiPUR certified cooling gel memory foam. 

The Crystal Cove mattress is 100% wool-free (and therefore) vegan and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, as well as dual-sided, and made to provide a therapeutically restorative sleep.

The Cedar mattress is created using eco-INSTITUT certified natural latex, OEKO-TEX certified wool, GOTS certified organic cotton, flaxseed fiber padding, and comes with a medium-plush hand-tufted Euro-top.

The Ojai mattress is complete with a layer of high-density cooling gel memory foam, natural latex, CertiPUR certified foams, a chemical-free flame barrier comprised of natural hydrated silica sand, and 5 zones of coil support, all topped with a hand-tufted medium feel.

Are Brentwood Home mattresses hypoallergenic? 

Yes. Brentwood Home uses no harmful chemicals, stick with only CertiPUR certified foams, and use 100% natural latex and organic cotton. Read about their carefully sourced materials here.

The Cypress Bamboo Gel mattress is their most affordable hypoallergenic mattress, and best-selling all foam variety, consisting of wool from New Zealand and cooling gel-infused memory foam, with a handy removable bamboo-derived cover — a naturally hypoallergenic material.

Here's some other info on Brentwood Home: 

Price: The Oceano starts at $995, the Crystal Cove starts at $895, the Cedar starts at $1349, the Ojai starts at $795, and the Cypress Bamboo Gel starts at $310.

Delivery options: You can get your mattress delivered within the 48 contiguous U.S. states in a handy white box as pictured above, to your doorstep, by free FedEx Ground/Home delivery. White Glove Delivery is available at an extra $199; In-Home Delivery as well as Old Mattress Removal is an extra $275 - and White Glove Deliveries take longer, typically around 2-3 weeks from the time of your order (unless you’re in L.A. or San Diego, where it only takes 1-2 weeks).

If you’ve ordered the Cedar, Oceano, or Crystal Cove mattresses in either the King & Cal King sizes, you’ll automatically get complimentary White Glove Delivery at no added cost to you - unless you want mattress removal added, which is $75. Details here.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, there is a 120-night guarantee for all Brentwood Home mattresses, after which they will pick it up from you free of charge and donate it if you don't like it. 

Refund policy? Warranty? If you decide you don’t want your mattress within the 120 days in-home trial mentioned above, you will receive a 100% refund. The full 25-year warranty can be read about here

*NOTE: The 120-night guarantee, refund policy, and warranty only apply to purchases made on the website — mattresses purchased via any third party retailers do not get them, including Amazon and Costco.

Any cool extras? Select mattresses receive $175 off during their summer sale when you use the promo code SUNNY175.


  • Unlike some of the recent online mattress start-ups with no real history to base an opinion upon, Brentwood Home is based in Los Angeles and has been in the mattress-making business for over 30 years
  • Great contouring and edge support
  • They maintain a B- rating on the BBB website
  • There are 7 sizes to choose from on each mattress: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split King
  • Superior motion isolation


  • The 120-night guarantee comes with a mandatory 30-night break-in period, during which the mattress cannot be returned
  • Larger sizes on some mattress models (i.e. the Cedar and Oceano) weigh over 135 pounds - so if you want to move them after the White Glove Delivery (it comes free of charge with these) assembly is over, you may need some help 

Bottom Line:

These mattresses received between 74%-77% positive ratings by over 100 customers. It helps that they have a 120-night free in-home trial, within which you pay nothing to return the mattress and you get a full refund if you don’t like it. We think you’ve got nothing to lose here - just make sure your geography falls within their White Glove Delivery if you’re purchasing a larger model, as they can be quite heavy.

Brooklyn Bedding

When it's time for a new mattress, you're gonna want to see what's going on at Brooklyn Bedding. Unlike many bed-in-a-box companies, Brooklyn Bedding also has numerous showrooms nationwide where you can go check out the mattresses before you buy. Find one near you here.

At Brooklyn Bedding, you’ll find 3 main mattress varieties: the Bowery, Signature, and Aurora:

Are Brooklyn Bedding mattresses hypoallergenic? 

Yes. Brooklyn Bedding mattress foams are CertiPUR certified and they do not use any chemical retardants or chemical fire sprays in their mattresses. Instead, they use Jones Fiber fire-retardant socks, made from “non-woven silica/rayon/polyester/cotton blend” - and their mattress protectors are all made of hypoallergenic cotton terry.

Other info about Brooklyn Bedding mattresses:

Price: The Bowery starts at $449 (currently at $359), the Signature starts at $599 (currently at $479), and the Aurora starts at $999 (currently at $799).

Delivery options: After processing your order (which takes 1-3 days), FedEx Ground delivers your mattress within 3-5 business days depending upon your location. Doesn't look like White Glove Delivery is an option, so consider the weight of your mattress and whether you'll need to reach out to a friend for help maneuvering it once delivered.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, there’s a 120-night in-home trial.

Refund policy? Warranty? After trying your new mattress for at least 30 days, you may return it free of charge for up to 120 days. To implement a return, contact Brooklyn Bedding’s customer service at for details. Usually, they’ll have you donate the mattress. (If you have trouble with the donating process, give them a call and they can assist you.) Once that is done, call them to expedite your refund. Details here. Their mattress warranty is offered for 10 years; details here.


  • Free shipping throughout the contiguous 48 states
  • Comfy for all sleeping positions
  • Affordable options
  • Sleeps cool


  • Edges aren’t the best, especially for heavier individuals
  • No White Glove setup or old mattress removal offered
  • 30 days break-in required before you can return it

Bottom Line:

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are great on affordability and the 120-night in-home trial sweetens the deal, but you’re on the heavy side, you might not get enough support. (If you’re near any of their brick-and-mortar locales, you might want to check the mattresses out there beforehand). You can’t get White Glove setup or have your old mattress removed though, so give that a little thought ahead of time.

Amore Beds

You'll be feelin' the love when you check out the hypoallergenic mattress options available at Amore Beds. Made in the USA, Amore Beds come in 2 basic varieties: an 11-inch foam flippable mattress and a 12-inch hybrid coil mattress.

Offered in 6 sizes, the 11-inch flippable mattress lets you choose from your preference of the standard organic cotton fabric (free) or a copper ion-infused fabric for a little extra:

The 12-inch Hybrid Coil mattress also gives you choices, including the same 6 sizes, as well as 3 firmness levels, the option to split your mattress' firmness, and then finally the same organic cotton/copper ion-infused fabric choice.

Are Amore Beds mattresses hypoallergenic? 

Yes. Both the organic cotton and the copper ion-infused fabric covers are breathable and hypoallergenic, and both types of mattresses achieve flame resistance without harmful chemicals. The organic wool inner layer uses GOTS-certified cotton from New Zealand, and all foams are CertiPUR certified. 

Other Amore Beds info:

Price: The 11-inch foam flippable starts at $320 while the 12-inch hybrid coil starts at $350.

Delivery options: Once your customized mattress is created, it’s shipped free of charge to your doorstep within 4-10 days. If you prefer to sign for your boxed mattress upon delivery, you can make that selection at checkout. Doesn't look like White Glove Delivery or any other options are available, however.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, there’s a 100-night free trial.

Refund policy? Warranty? After a 30-day honest sleep trial up to 120 days, you may return your mattress for a full refund. They ask that you call them at 1-844-84-AMORE to start the return process. Their hybrid mattresses come with 20-year warranties, and their flippable mattresses come with 10; details here.

Any cool extras? Amore Beds offer an online Comfort Survey to help you determine your best firmness level:


  • They offer 3 firmness levels and the option to split firmness
  • Affordable
  • They offer free shipping and returns
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • They maintain an A+ rating on the BBB website (although there is no activity suggesting any complaints have ever been posted or resolved)


  • This is a newish startup, so there isn’t much to reference as far as customer feedback
  • Some customers may not like the 30-day honest trial requirement necessary before implementing their refund

Bottom Line:

Customizations are nice on these, especially the option to split firmness for sleep partners who like different levels - and their handy online survey will help you decide which level is best for you. Some customers describe these as like “sleeping on a cloud” so I’d probably try it to see if I agree, especially since refunds are free up to 100 nights. 

Bear Mattress

When it comes to hypoallergenic mattresses, you'll have two main choices at Bear Mattress as well; the popular standard Bear Mattress and the luxury Bear Hybrid.

What makes both these models unique is their use of Celliant technology, explained here, which is said to help regulate body temperature and rejuvenate and enhance the body's recovery while you sleep.

Are Bear mattresses hypoallergenic?  

Yes, unless your allergy is to Polyester. Bear mattress foams are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they maintain low VOCs for indoor air quality, and are made without prohibited phthalates, ozone depleters, PBDEs, mercury, lead and heavy metals, and free of formaldehyde.

They do warn that allergic reactions to any materials can occur, but since 2003 there have been no reported cases of allergic reactions. However, as Celliant (a material used in their mattresses) requires a synthetic carrier, you should not use Celliant if you are allergic to polyester fibers.

Other info about Bear Mattress:

Price:  The regular Bear Mattress starts at $540 while the Bear Hybrid starts at $1350.

Delivery options: Bear Mattress delivers free of charge within the contiguous 48 states. There appear to be no options for White Glove Delivery or old mattress removal.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, there is a 100-night in-home trial.

Refund policy? Warranty?  You can get a 100% refund between 30 and 100 days following purchase. They ask you to call 1-844-311-0035 to begin the refund process. Bear mattresses come with a 20-year warranty.

Any cool extras? A portion of Bear’s profits is sent to the Good Sports charity to “help children all over the U.S. have access to a healthy lifestyle through sports and physical activity.”


  • Benefits athletes and others in need of enhanced muscle recovery while they sleep
  • Easy free shipping and returns
  • Sleeps cool
  • Made in USA
  • Most felt Bear mattresses offer good back support
  • Affordable


  • Some felt they were too firm
  • A brief period of offgassing was noticed by some
  • Heavier sleepers may not feel supported

Bottom Line:

A great choice if you want to try Celliant technology to repair muscles while you sleep. Heavier individuals may want to try first (which is great since there’s a 100-night trial) to see if it feels supportive. Due to the possibility of offgassing, you may want to keep your new Bear in a different room for a few days after delivery.


While they also make bed frames, foundations, platform beds, and sofas, Zinus’ mattresses (hypoallergenic mattresses, that is) are our main interest today.

Within their two main categories above, Zinus creates 7 different types of mattresses, mainly hybrid models which combine modern memory foam with individually wrapped coils from spring mattresses of yore.

Offered in 5 sizes, each mattress type features its own unique consistency and firmness levels, with the varying foam types described here:

For example, the Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress is comprised of this type of foam profile, with each layer being CertiPUR-US certified:

The Gallery section under each mattress type shares ideas on how other customers have enjoyed setting up their favorite mattresses. These are all Green Tea customers' rooms:

Are Zinus mattresses hypoallergenic? 

They use a chemical-free fire barrier on their mattresses, as well as only CertiPUR-US certified foams, so they should be.

Other Zinus mattress specs:

Price: All models start between $104 and $229.

Delivery options: Shipping is free using FedEx Ground. Their website also specifies that there may be a state-related recycling fee if you are from CA, CT, and RI - so keep that in mind.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 nights.

Refund policy? Warranty? Returns kept in good condition will be fully refunded within 100 days of purchase. Details here. They offer a 10-year warranty, details here.

Any cool extras? Their website itself is kind of fun - you should check it out here. And the sale items are definitely worth a glance here


  • Amazingly cheap
  • Especially good for back and side sleepers
  • Very little offgassing noted by most (although some did note it as a problem)
  • Superior heat regulation
  • They maintain a B rating on the BBB website


  • Some felt they were too firm for their tastes
  • Some components are not made in the USA

Bottom Line:

Zinus has been around for 25 years and has a reputation for quality products. Their 100 night trial lets you try their mattresses free of charge - and their compilations are intriguing. Green tea extract in a mattress? Interesting!

Olee Sleep

Olee Sleep makes several types of products, but only two types of mattresses: Memory Foam and Hybrid Spring.

These are all extremely affordable, and best of all, hypoallergenic!

You can also get Memory Foam Toppers, which make even the hardest bed inviting.

Are Olee Sleep mattresses hypoallergenic? 

Based on our research, most likely. Their website explains that they use eco-friendly foam, recycled steel, smart packaging, moisture-wicking Tencel fabric, OE 100 certified organic cotton, green tea and charcoal odor prevention, and fire retardants categorized at a CFR 1633 Fire Barrier.  Details here

And if the mattress you're interested in ends up being non-hypoallergenic, their mattress toppers are. 

Price: Memory Foam starts from $59 - $209, Hybrid Spring starts $89 - $269.

Delivery options: Olee Sleep offers free shipping within the U.S. There are no options for White Glove Delivery or otherwise found.

Is there an in-home trial period? There does not appear to be, no.

Refund policy? Warranty? Refunds will be provided within 30 days of purchase. Mattresses come with a 10 year warranty. Details here.

Any cool extras? When you visit their site for the first time, you may see this pop-up, offering a nice little discount off your first purchase when you subscribe: 


  • Superb motion isolation on all models
  • Decent edge support
  • Fantastic prices
  • Expands to full shape in less time than usual brands
  • Offgassing odor is minimal


  • Could not find any CertiPUR certification
  • Very few size variations

Bottom Line:

These are rated high for those who need extra body contouring or support for aching backs or joints. At these prices, it’s tempting - but we can’t be sure they’re hypoallergenic, so hang onto the packaging and receipts in case it’s not.


With 8 distinct layers of padding, the DreamCloud mattress is a comfort original — and hypoallergenic to boot.

Covered with a cashmere blended Euro-top, over a layer each of gel-infused memory foam, quilted soft memory foam, premium hypoallergenic natural latex, high density memory foam, another layer of super dense memory foam, patent-pending ‘Best Rest’ coils, and a final high density foundation foam layer, there’s no wonder why it’s called a DreamCloud.

Are DreamCloud mattresses hypoallergenic? 

Yes! DreamCloud uses hypoallergenic, premium natural latex that will stand the test of time, offering you a responsive cushioning bounce for extra give and contouring that lasts. 

DreamCloud is also independently certified by Certipure, a third party global rating standard, and free of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and VOCs. They are also naturally resistant to bedbugs.

Other fun info about DreamCloud:

Price: Starts at $599 for a Twin on up to $1299 for a Cal King.

Delivery options: You’ll get free shipping to your doorstep, and there’s White Glove Delivery with optional old mattress removal available too.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, there’s a 365-day in-home trial.

Refund policy? Warranty? If you decide within the 365-day trial that you do not like the DreamCloud, you’ll be fully refunded. Contact the DreamCloud concierge to make arrangements. These mattresses are backed by an Everlong Warranty - meaning forever. This company believes that if you care for your mattress properly, it should be the only one you ever need.

Any cool extras? We think that’s cool enough! But also, if you refer a friend, they'll get money toward their first purchase and you'll get a $50 gift card to Amazon.


  • Dreamy comfort at a low price - amazing affordability
  • Free shipping
  • Superb in-home trial period
  • They carry a A- rating with the BBB website
  • Excellent motion transfer


  • They weigh nearly 100 pounds, so very heavy to some
  • Some felt was too firm
  • Possibly may not fit all bed frames or mattress covers

Bottom Line:

These are worth a shot at sleeping on a cloud with their lengthy in-home trial period and lifetime warranty. Seriously, 8 layers of essentially different kinds of memory foam? We’re so there!

Dromma Bed

Although available in 5 different sizes, the Dromma Bed mattress style is a one and only. It's a top quality, USA-made, eco-friendly, and uber cozy 12 inches of tri-layered memory foam, divided as shown:

It sleeps cool and doesn’t need a box spring or specific foundation - any flat surface will do - and can easily accept up to 400-500 pounds regularly without losing its shape. 

Are Dromma Bed mattresses hypoallergenic? 

The top layer is comprised of Adapt Foam, which is hypoallergenic, latex-free and antimicrobial. They even make it a point to say that memory foam mattresses are the best for those with allergies. 

Here's some other info on the Dromma Bed mattress:

Price: Starts at $574 for a Twin to $979 for a Cal King.

Delivery options: They’re delivered to your doorstep within the contiguous 48 states free of charge. It should arrive within 5-7 days from the time of order.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 200 nights.

Refund policy? Warranty? Between 30 days and 200 days after your purchase, you may return your mattress for a full refund; details here. There’s a 12-year warranty, details here.

Any cool extras? Student discounts are pretty cool. So are military discounts and corporate discounts.


  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Speedy delivery
  • Great for those with back or joint pain, or recovering from injury


  • Some feel it’s too soft after some time (but there is a 12-year warranty, so…)
  • Heavy folks may experience a lot of sinkage

Bottom Line:

They maintain 4 stars after 258 reviews on Trustpilot, 78% of which are full 5-star reviews. There’s a 200 night trial offered, and many people feel it helps their aching back improve. We’re not seeing a downside here.

Avocado Green

As seen on MindBodyGreen, Refinery 29, goop, and Apartment Therapy, Avocado Green mattresses are the epitome of hypoallergenic. They stay cool, wick away moisture, and allow for breathable air flow throughout their fibers.

Avocado Green’s natural layers cushion the body while allowing for pressure point relief and strategically placed support.

Their 25-year warranty is evidence these are built to last, made with strong premium components.

Avocado Green stands by their commitment to sustainability as well.

Are Avocado Green mattresses hypoallergenic? 

Yes, Avocado Green mattresses are hypoallergenic. They are 100% non-toxic, made from 100% natural latex, OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified wool, GOTS-certified organic cotton, and have been GreenGuard Gold certified. There are no memory foams in these mattresses, no chemical adhesives, no chemical flame retardants or PBDEs, and no petroleum-based polyurethane. They also have vegan mattresses made without wool.

Other Avocado Green mattress specs:

Price: Twins start at $959 on up to Cal Kings at $1699.

Delivery options: Curbside delivery (beside your first floor door or at the ground floor entrance to your building) is free anywhere in the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska. In-home delivery and setup is $199.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 nights.

Refund policy? Warranty? Refunds are available between 15 and 100 days after purchase; contact customer service for the procedure, details here. There’s a 25 year warranty, details here.

Any cool extras? Refer a friend and get $50. Click on the bottom of the site where it says 'Refer a friend' and this pops up:


  • Made in California
  • Free shipping everywhere in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska even!
  • No foam in these, so no offgassing odors
  • Certified green and organic materials
  • Superb motion isolation


  • Expensive

Bottom Line:

We think these are worth a second glance if you’re into the eco-friendly sorta thing. You’ve got 100 nights to change your mind free of charge - just be sure to keep those natural fibers clean and odor-free in case you need to return!


Casper makes mattresses, (their famous beds-in-a-box), as well as pillows, bed frames, duvets, dog beds, and more. 

Even though they arrive rolled and vacuum-sealed in a box, once set up, they retain their original premium comfort, airy breathability, and ergonomic construction.

Three mattress types are created by Casper — the Wave, the Essential, and the very popular Casper:

Are Casper mattresses hypoallergenic?

Yes. The layer closest to the cover on top contains latex and is hypoallergenic for most (unless you’re allergic to latex)

Price: The Wave starts at $1095, the Casper starts at $595, and the Essential starts at $350.

Do they deliver to your doorstep? What delivery options are there? Regular orders are shipped free via standard UPS with basic curbside delivery within the contiguous 48 states. If you want in-home setup, select that at the checkout for an extra $149. Old mattress removal is not available.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 nights.

Refund policy? Warranty? Returns are available in full until the 100th night after purchase; details here. There’s a 10 year warranty on all Casper mattresses, details here.


  • High quality, innovative design
  • Great value
  • No initial odor
  • Sleeps cool


  • Not the greatest edge support
  • Smaller people may find Caspers to be too hard

Bottom Line:

Caspers get above average ratings from customers across the board. If you’re an average to large sized individual (or appreciate a firm mattress in general), and like a cool-sleeping mattress, this would likely be ideal for you. The 100-night trial can let you find out!


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