The Best Mattress for Back Pain You Can Buy Online

Do you have back pain? You're not alone. And the mattress you sleep on can make it a thousand times better — or worse. So what are you sleeping on? We've explored the web for the best online mattresses for back pain relief.

Do you experience back pain? You aren't alone. The American Chiropractic Association reports that nearly 80% of all people will likely have some type of back problem during their lifetimes, and over half of working Americans surveyed report having back pain every year. But what can be done? 

Well, aside from their suggestions of staying active, warming up before exercising, wearing the proper, low-heeled shoes, and maintaining a healthy diet and weight, experts also recommend sleeping on a mattress with the appropriate firmness to prevent curvature to the spine.

So what is the best online mattress for back pain?

When searching for the best online mattress for back pain, we visited numerous online mattress reviews and several expert-written articles for guidance. According to Tuck, a mattress should provide proper spinal support, and "reduce back pain by providing an even, stable surface that helps the sleeper maintain proper spinal alignment, regardless of their sleep position. 

However, each sleep position affects spinal alignment in different ways, and the sleeper’s body weight is also an important factor to consider." When choosing your mattress, all of these factors must be considered in order to prevent further harm and to hopefully alleviate pain. 

Additionally, whenever possible, you should try out the mattress to see how it feels before purchasing. The good news is that many of the online mattresses companies we examined now offer in-home trials (some of them as long as a year) for this very purpose, so you're in luck!

With all this in mind, we concluded from our research that these mattresses were best in the following categories:

Best mattress for lower back pain: Saatva or Amerisleep As2

Best mattress for upper back pain: Leesa

Best mattress for overall back pain: Loom & Leaf

Best mattress for athletes/very active individuals: Bear

Since it's been estimated that 10% of the U.S. population has chronic lower back pain and it's the 2nd leading cause of disability claims, let's start our online mattress comparison with the best options for lower back pain first:

Best online mattresses for lower back pain


Our first online mattress review is Helix, which offers fully customizable mattresses delivered to your door at reasonable prices. The Helix website explains that, "Each Helix Mattress has unique support characteristics to align your spine based on your body and sleep style. That means less pain and deeper sleep."One unique perk to the Helix brand is that each side of the bed can be customizable — not just the bed itself — so that each sleep partner can enjoy optimal support for their best spinal alignment on their side of the bed. What's more, you get a full 100 nights to try out your Helix. 

If you decide you don't like it, they'll refund your money in full (including shipping) and they'll also send someone to pick up your mattress from you and either donate or recycle it.

Helix starts you off with a short Sleep Quiz to help you select your best mattress. My Sleep Quiz results matched me up with a Helix Dusk mattress — not too firm or too soft with 'all positions body contouring' and extra density in the top and middle layers for the proper support based on my body type. Here's the info:

You can also shop here for support based on how you sleep (side, stomach, or back sleeper) or your body type, which Helix matches with mattresses like the Helix Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Twilight, and Dawn.

Helix also offers a Nightfall model for Big and Tall or Plus-Sized folks with a medium feel and maximum support as well as all positions contouring. Their Dual Balanced or Dual Extra versions are great for those who need different firmness and feels on two sides of the same mattress.

Price: Starting at $600, Helix mattress prices vary with customization options and size up to $150.

Delivery options? Your mattress will be delivered with free shipping via UPS Ground anywhere in the United States within 6-10 business days. Special delivery needs are best addressed through UPS MyChoice as Helix does not offer any other options.

Do Helix mattresses alleviate back pain? Yes, back pain sufferers can alleviate their suffering through the properly customized combination of firmness, body contouring, and support levels - and try it for a lengthy in-home trial to see if it works for them or not.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 nights.

Are Helix mattresses customizable? Yes, these mattresses can be customized for your preference of plush/medium/firm feel, contouring for side sleepers (the most common sleep position) or for all sleep positions, and either balanced or extra support for your body size. Additionally, you can choose for one side of your mattress to be firm and the other plush with side sleeper pressure relief, or for one side to be plush and the other firm with all sleep positions body contouring.


  • More affordable than some other online mattress brands
  • Fully customizable
  • Financing options are available


  • Only a short 5-year warranty is offered on each mattress
  • No White Glove or other delivery options

Bottom Line:

If you've got back pain, particularly in the lower back, Helix mattress might be the solution for you. You can try it for 100 nights to see if you have the same results others have — in which case, you can rave about it in reviews — or if not, you can return it 100% free of charge. They'll even refund your shipping and pick the mattress up from you themselves. (And if you're interested, Helix also makes sheets, mattress protectors, bases, pillows, and more.)


Another of the top online mattresses for lower back pain is Saatva, the second of several premium online mattress brands recommended by experts. 

The Saatva Mattress addresses back pain by combining 5 features commonly found in premium bedding with their patented 'Spinal Zone sleep technology,' illustrated above, culminating in a mattress offering the correct spinal alignment, weight distribution, and body support necessary to alleviate lingering back pain.

In addition to Saatva's individually wrapped coil system and the extra cushion of their luxury pillow tops, the center third of their mattresses (the lumbar region) provide additional active support which enhances sleep quality and ensures correct spinal alignment, and earned them the Chiropractic Seal of Approval.

Saatva mattresses are also more affordable than some similar brands while offering superior comfort and top level sustainability.

To find your perfect comfort level, Saatva offers a comfort scale from 1 to 10, i.e. the softest or most plush feel to the firmest. (These mattresses aren't ideal for people who prefer levels 1 or 2)

Price: Prices vary from $599 - $1399.

Delivery options? Your mattress will be delivered within a 4-hour time window announced the day before. Free white glove delivery and mattress removal is available upon advanced request.

Do Saatva mattresses alleviate back pain? Yes. This brand maintains a full 5 stars on Trustpilot with over 439 reviews, many of which specifically noted their back pain was alleviated after switching to a Saatva mattress.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 120 days.

Are Saatva mattresses customizable? Not really, but you have some choices, i.e. you can choose your mattress size (6 sizes offered from Twin to Cal King), comfort level (explained in the image above), height of your mattress (2 options; either 11.5" or 14.5"), and you can add an adjustable base for between $1,199–$2,498. Additionally, you can add a foundation or frame. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Great customer service
  • Free white glove service and old mattress removal
  • Constructed from premium grade eco-friendly materials


  • The company hasn't been around very long

Bottom Line:

Saatva stands by their mattresses, offering a 15-year limited warranty, a 120-day in-home trial, and stellar customer service. You can select your firmness preference as well as height and size, with some extras available as well. Reviews on Trustpilot, as mentioned above, are a solid 5 stars with many insisting their back pain (most specifically lower back pain) was resolved by their Saatva mattress.

Amerisleep AS2

The third suggestion for chronic lower back pain sufferers is the Amerisleep AS2 mattress. Amerisleep offers mattresses with unique body contouring  and spinal alignment features, beneficial for different types of back pain and individual sleep preferences.

The AS2 is said to have 2 inches of thick memory foam over a highly supportive base layer which cushions and prevents the exacerbating of pressure points.

It's also Amerisleep's best-selling mattress, offering a medium-firm feel and optimal comfort for lower back pain sufferers, and is especially good for back and stomach sleepers as well.

Amerisleep mattresses also come with sag-free Bio-Core foam support, that won't sag and remains supportive of your spine's natural alignment even after decades of sleep pressure. 

The AS2 specifically offers minimal sinkage, so the individual can easily change positions while sleeping.

To put the icing on the cake, Amerisleep's mattress covers are made from Celliant, a fabric that brilliantly converts heat into rejuvenating infrared energy, promoting muscle and tissue recovery through the increase of blood flow - so you wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized. 

Price: $999 - $1898 Varies with 7 sizes (from Twin to Split King).

Delivery options? Your mattress will be delivered with free shipping via FedEx, usually within a week (or less) of your order. There don't appear to be any other delivery options. 

Do Amerisleep mattresses alleviate back pain? Yes, these mattresses offer superior support and rejuvenation to relieve different types of back pain and are ideal for various sleep position preferences.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 nights .

Are Amerisleep mattresses customizable? Not really, but you have choices. There are 5 different kinds of mattresses differing primarily in firmness, and 7 different sizes including a Split King. You can also order different frames or bases, or use it with no base at all. 


  • 20 year warranty
  • Free shipping and delivery
  • Superior support
  • Easy returns within the first 100 nights after ordering


  • Slightly expensive
  • Can only purchase them online

Bottom Line:

These are highly recommended by more than one expert, and with the 100-night in-home trial, free shipping and free returns, you really can't go wrong here. If you don't mind the price, need to alleviate lower back pain, and don't mind ordering a mattress online, go ahead and see if the previous customer claims of "best night of sleep ever" hold any water!

Bear Mattress

Fourth in our line-up of expert-recommended mattresses for lower back pain is Bear Mattress, popular among athletes for the use of Celliant technology (as mentioned in our Amerisleep review above, Celliant is said to rejuvenate the body overnight by converting its heat to infrared energy and stimulating temporarily increased blood flow).

Bear Mattress has also been mentioned in several widely-read publications which have noted the mattresses' efficacy at alleviating back pain, sleeping cool, and promoting athletic recovery. Bear was also named as Business Insider's economical Best Mattress under $1000 for back pain.

Bear mattresses come in 2 basic types: the original Bear and the Bear Hybrid, compared in detail here.

Aside from the noteworthy price difference, the other main differences between the two mattresses are that the original Bear mattresses have these features:

while the Bear Hybrids have these:

Both versions are superb at alleviating pain and promoting recovery, however, so either one would be a great choice for lower back pain sufferers (or other types of back pain as well).

Price: Bear mattresses start at $540, while Bear Hybrids start at $1350.

Delivery options?  Shipping is free throughout the U.S. (except to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico), and your mattress will arrive via FedEx Ground within a week to 10 days, depending upon your order and location. No other delivery options are offered.

Does Bear Mattresses alleviate back pain? It is said to do an excellent job at alleviating back pain, primarily chronic lower back pain or overall back pain.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 nights.

Are Bear Mattresses customizable? Not really, but you can choose from the 2 main types of mattress and 6 sizes for the original Bear, 3 sizes for the Bear Hybrid.


  • *stellar at promoting athletic recovery and alleviating muscular pain
  • *both models are said to sleep cool
  • *reasonably priced
  • *offers a 10 year, all-inclusive warranty
  • *financing is available
  • *made in the USA


  • *only 1 firmness level is available (If you don't like memory foam or need a super soft top layer to your mattress, these may not be for you)
  • *the company is relatively new with little customer service history

Bottom Line:

This mattress brand is excellent for active people looking for a way to rejuvenate their muscles, or alleviate (lower back) pain overnight. There's no risk for 100 nights and their return policy is simple.

Best mattresses for upper back pain


As we continue our search for the best online mattresses for back pain - turning now to the best mattress for upper back pain - we have to go with the expert recommended Leesa

According to Sleepopolis,  the Leesa could "be an excellent choice for those who suffer from upper back pain and tightness. The Leesa exhibits incredibly consistent pressure relief, even for side sleepers, which is somewhat rare among mattress models. This consistent level of support throughout can help keep the entire back — and not just the lower back — feeling supported and aligned while sleeping."

The Leesa mattress company actually offers 2 main mattresses, the Leesa and the Sapira, compared in detail here. While both provide superior back support, you can take their online quiz here to help determine which model is best for you. (Since our expert recommendation focused on the Leesa, however, that will be our continued focus for this review.)

When you start sleeping on the 3 cozy layers of a Leesa, back pain of all types tends to dissipate - while the Avena layer maintains temperature regulation so you stay cool all night.

While back sleepers will notice the Leesa's excellent lumbar support, they'll also enjoy superior weight distribution across the body, great contouring for all sleeping positions, and noticeable alleviation of  pressure points, experienced by those with upper back pain - as well as all back pain sufferers - as a nearly immediate relief.

And if you live near any of the almost 100 select West Elm locations that showcase Leesa products, you may be able to check them out in person!

Price: The Leesa starts at $525 and the Sapira starts at $995.

Delivery options? Free shipping (and returns) with white glove delivery available for an extra $100.

Do Leesa mattresses alleviate back pain? Yes, as Sleepopolis explained, Leesa provides consistent pressure relief for all sleeping positions as well as consistent support and alignment for the entire back while sleeping - and is especially beneficial for upper back pain.  

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 nights.

Are Leesa mattresses customizable? No, not really. There are 2 main mattress types and 6 sizes to choose from, as well as a few different bed frames and accessories you can add if you wish.


  • Made in the USA
  • Sleeps cool
  • Easily adapts to all body types and sleep styles
  • Almost no offgassing
  • For every 10 mattresses sold, Leesa donates one to charity
  • Leesa partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant one tree for every mattress sold
  • Maintains an A+ rating with the BBB


  • Can only purchase the Leesa online
  • Some felt it was too firm for their tastes
  • A few had trouble with refund process/product disputes

Bottom Line:

In our ongoing comparison of online mattresses for back pain, Leesa stands as one of the best in class. They have the perfect balance of foam and resiliency (bounce) to allow sleepers to rest deeply and change position comfortably. 

Best mattresses for all-around back pain relief


Our next online mattress brand known for its prowess in alleviating back pain is the Casper

While Casper mattresses arrive in a box as shown below, they spring back into shape once removed and set up, retaining the premium ergonomic support they're known for.

Although some say the Casper is best for chronic lower back pain, others are convinced it's good for zoned support, or alleviating all types of back pain. And with their 100-night in-home trial, you can try the Casper to see if it helps with your specific back pain at no risk, as you'll be fully refunded if you decide you don't like it within that time. 

The Casper's constitution is said to be ideal for the average weight sleeper, has medium firmness and provides a good contoured balance. 

While all 3 of the Casper mattress varieties offer innovative ergonomic alignment, the Casper Wave is most beneficial for back pain with its hyper-targeted ergonomic support and pressure relief at 36 points. It's the only one endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association as well.

The Wave is available in 6 sizes, and also has advanced heat wicking and temperature regulation to help you sleep cool

Free shipping and returns, a 10 year warranty, and complimentary in-home setup are a few of the perks that come with your purchase of a Wave mattress.

When you've got a Casper, back pain is no match!

Price: The Wave starts at $1095 (best for back pain), the original Casper starts at $595, and the Essential starts at $350.

Delivery options? Your mattress will be delivered to your doorstep via UPS free of charge. White glove delivery is also available for an additional fee in the 48 contiguous U.S. states and Greater Toronto area of Canada. The Casper Wave mattress also qualifies for free in-home setup within those regions.

Do Casper mattresses alleviate back pain? Yes, the Wave especially is said to have proprietary ergonomics, offering superior zoned support and pressure relief at 36 points. The Casper Wave is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 days.

Are Casper mattresses customizable? Not really. The Wave is the best option for back pain, and is available in 6 sizes. 


  • Prompt delivery
  • Outstanding customer service
  • No risk trial period of 100 days
  • Easy refund process if not satisfied
  • 10 year warranty


  • Some complained of their mattress sagging in the middle; most were able to refund/exchange and were satisfied, but not those experiencing the problem after the 100 day trial ended
  • Some disliked the odor at unboxing, said it lasts a couple of weeks

Bottom Line:

Most were happy with their Casper, but keep an eye out for sagging or other problems to develop over the 100 night trial and get an exchange or refund right away if you notice anything. Try a little extra ventilation in the room if possible to help get rid of the smell faster after unboxing.


Next up is another expert recommended online mattress, well-known for its pressure relieving abilities - the Purple

Purple makes two main mattress varieties: the Original Purple and the New Purple. The differences are outlined below, with the features of the Original Purple illustrated on the left and the New Purple on the right.

According to Sleepopolis,  the Purple Mattress (both varieties) has a layer of hyper elastic polymer,  making for a swift reaction to sleep movements and beneficial for all sleeping positions. This reaction time is beneficial for those with back pain because the mattresses contours immediately to their body, allowing for quick, optimized comfort.

To explain further, Sleepopolis shares that (also for both mattress varieties), "heavier sleepers will feel the pressure relief of the Purple Mattress easily, while lighter sleepers may experience the polymer layer as firmer." With multiple thickness and firmness options available, and above average pain/pressure relief, the Purple Mattress is likely to alleviate all types of back pain.

When you order a Purple Mattress, you'll get free shipping to your doorstep and complimentary white glove service upon advanced request with old mattress removal as well - nice!

Both Purple Mattress varieties come with a 10-year warranty, 100 night in-home trial, and free returns, too. 

Price:  The Original Purple starts at $699 and the New Purple starts at $1299.

Delivery options? Basic doorstep delivery arrives free of charge via FedEx, and you can set preferences through the FedEx Delivery Manager. If you'd like white glove delivery, (it's complimentary) they'll do in-home setup as well as old mattress removal (but not old box spring removal - you're on your own for that). Just select white glove delivery at checkout if that's your preference.

Do Purple mattresses alleviate back pain? Yes, their Smart Grid technology and various other features make them superior for pressure point alleviation and quick-acting body contouring support.

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 100 days.

Are Purple mattresses customizable?  Not really, but the Purple Original comes in 5 sizes, and the New Purple comes in 3 comfort levels and 5 sizes.


  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Free shipping and in-home setup available
  • Especially beneficial for heavier sleepers
  • Superb pressure point alleviation


  • Company is somewhat new
  • They have a rating of F on the BBB website
  • Some felt they offer poor edge support

Bottom Line:

The BBB rating is a concern, but there are only 9 negative reviews/5 positive reviews on that site. Amazon has over 842 reviews and Purple holds a 4.1 out of 5 star rating there. If you're interested in trying out their pressure point alleviating mattress formulas and the prices don't hold you back, we think you'll have a good opportunity to check them out during the 100 night trial. Just make sure you keep receipts and original packaging and remain persistent if a refund is necessary.

Loom & Leaf

Our last dive into back pain alleviating online mattresses takes a close-up of the Loom & Leaf. 

Rated as the top memory foam mattress for back pain sufferers in recent expert guides, the Loom & Leaf has a spine-supporting layer of medical grade gel on top of a thick layer of bio-based memory foam (non-toxic & will produce no offgassing) which combine to provide cooling, optimal support, and superior body contouring. Underneath all of that lies nearly 6 inches of foundation foam to gently support it all. 

The Loom & Leaf Relaxed Firm mattress is ideal for back pain, with a firmness level set between 5 and 7 being beneficial for most sleepers, according to SleepDelivered.

Good for all sleep positions and chiropractor-approved, Loom & Leaf mattresses are made with an organic cotton cover and thistle flame retardant. 

Additionally, they're made in the USA, offer a lengthy 120-day in-home trial, and maintain the highest of eco-friendly standards in sourcing and manufacturing.

Their site states their mattresses are comparable with Tempur-Pedic, but are 60% cheaper. Here's their handy comparison chart on the subject:

When you're ready to buy, you'll have some options on your way through the checkout. The Relaxed Firm comfort level is already chosen in grey below, and they've preselected the Queen size mattress from among the 6 possible sizes - of course, you can choose your own size and comfort level. 

You can also select whether you'd like a base, foundation, or frame, and if you need mattress removal. In-home delivery is complimentary, so your price shouldn't change when you enter your address. 

Price: Ranges by size from $749 for a Twin to $1499 for a Cal King.

Delivery options?  They offer free white glove delivery and old mattress removal.

Do Loom & Leaf mattresses alleviate back pain? Yes, it's said to be very helpful in alleviating back pain; there are numerous reviews here with customers raving about how Loom & Leaf helped their back pain

Is there an in-home trial period? Yes, 120 nights.

Are Loom & Leaf mattresses customizable? No, but you can choose a size and firmness level.


  • They don't roll these and vacuum-seal them into a box for delivery. They hand deliver them and set it all up for you. Much better for the mattress!
  • Long 120 night in-home trial
  • 15 year warranty
  • Financing is available
  • They maintain a solid 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot after 99 reviews, with lots about how much they helped alleviate back pain


  • A few said the mattress got uncomfortable over time
  • Some had trouble with customer service (but most did not)
  • A little pricey for some budgets

Bottom Line:

The Loom & Leaf comes highly recommended for back pain sufferers, and from the looks of Trustpilot reviews, many have had their back pain (and other aches and pains) alleviated by sleeping on one. The highest recommendation is for the Relaxed Firm, but if you think a firmer mattress will be better for you, you've got a 120 day in-home trial to find out!


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